Friday, 2 September 2011

10 years later, 9/11 questions rage on

10 years and 3 wars later with Osama Bin Laden apparently buried in the ocean many questions still remain about 9/11. For instance, if even 1% of the questions presented in the following presentations cannot be answered, then there is something the U.S. government has lied about. By the way, the 9/11 first responders are not allowed to be at the 10th aniversary.

These are listed in an order of quality. From best to worst. I do not subscribe to every theory presented here, I am only pointing out that there is a large number of questions and only a small number of them are needed as proof of an insider conspiracy.

Mike Ruppert - The truth and lies of 9/11

AIA Architect Richard Gage (part 1): 9/11 Symposium 11/03/07

Architect Richard Gage (part2) :9/11 Symposium 11/03/07

Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup

Truth Rising

9/11: Road to Tyranny

My thoughts go out to the families of this tragedy. One day you will have closure.

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