Thursday, 7 April 2011

Miss Canada 2011

Here we go again, another Miss Canada contest. Leaders debates, campaign roadshows, and probably more time spent in a stylist's chair than your favorite hollywood actor. Is it any wonder we have such low voter turnout when so many Canadians are not even entirely sure how our political system works? Let alone having any faith it works at all?
Browsing comments on election articles you often will see statements such as "I'm not voting for Stephen Harper." Well just an FYI, hardly anyone in Canada is voting for Stephen Harper. You would have to be a member of his Calgary constituency. You see here in Canada, we actually don't vote for a Prime Minister, believe it or not. We don't even vote what "party" will be in power. Our MPs vote for these things and it is indeed quite possible to have a Prime Minister elected from a party not in power, as long as the house has faith in the governing body. In simple terms, we elect members of parliament and nothing else.

I know it sounds simple right, and yet here Canada is stuck in this Canada/American party politics, first-past-the-post void. Canadian elections today are more like leader popularity contests, which is funny because it is also entirely possible for the "leader" to not even have a seat in the house. This is why leaders choose a constituency that is highly likely to vote them in and favor "their party". Wouldn't it be embarrassing for Prime Minister Stephen Harper to not get elected to his seat? Yes it *could* happen in our political system. When it comes to the "party system", I believe strongly in what Gerald Celente has to say:
"they're having a party, and you're paying for it." -- Gerald Celente
This election though has had a few interesting turns in events. everyone has heard about Harper throwing students out of his rallies. I personally don't care what he does at his rallies, it is his prerogative who attends and who does not. Whether it represents true democracy or not is debatable but in any case it is not illegal. However, what seems to be getting the good old media white-wash on this is that it is the RCMP doing these background checks:
“I was told the RCMP had done a screening and that perhaps my name was affiliated with something on Facebook or the Internet,” MacDonald told the Star. “Something that made me unfit to enter. They wouldn’t say what it was.”

The RCMP are even complicit in removing media from Harper events:

Since when is it the RCMP's job to work for political campaigns in this manner? Normally we would say things like this happen in a police state but as mainstream media constantly reminds us we are not Iraq and this is not a police state, which leaves me still almost a year later without an appropriate term to call this circus:

Truth of the matter is that Canadian elections are just for our entertainment. None of the parties have any interest in explaining the real way things work. All of them have latched on to this party policy crap which is usually superficial issues that don't affect our overall agenda. Notice how during this election all work for the people has stopped to campaign, but agendas we take part in such as bombing Lybia are going ahead as scheduled. In the end no difference will be made, especially if we go with either the Conservatives or the Liberals who both have publicly stated an intention to sell Canadian sovereignty.

The Cons:

The Libs:

So you see, when it comes to what matters to those in power; on the real issues, they all agree. That is why Ignatieff is not using the G20 public inquiry as an election issue. The liberals don't want an inquiry into the rights abuses, just as much as the conservatives don't. Indeed it was the Paul Martin liberals who created the event in the first place, at which rights abuses have occurred at almost every single event held. The Liberals will focus on the costs though, to give the illusion of opposition. There are many other examples of the singular agenda between the Conservatives and Liberals.

When it comes to the NDP, they will promise the moon to get in power. But once they get in and realize the world economic state what will they do about it? The sad truth is that today, no political "party" or politician has the political will to come out and lay down the situation about the world debt collapse and peak oil even though it's obvious confidence in the economy just isn't there.Take for instance the Liberal Platform fiscal policy which states:
A Liberal government will commit to reducing the deficit to one percent of GDP within two years, down from 3.6 percent in 2009-10. We will set subsequent, rolling targets to continue decreasing the deficit every year after that until the country is returned to surplus. Unless Canada is faced with an unexpected second recession, all fiscal planning will be consistent with this anchor.
"Unless Canada is faced with an unexpected second recession"? How often do you see that on a political platform? Or take Harper's flagship platform promise which might take effect in 4 years if everything is A'Ok economically. Politicians today are running on empty promises, because that is all a politician really has under their belt to offer. They then go and backup their empty statements with propaganda campaigns to keep peoples faith in a political system of all stripes and colors that has screwed them over time and time again. How many politicians does it take to change a light bulb anyway?

Canadians need to realize that we have some serious structural issues that go far beyond our partisan political bickering. Until politicians stop painting the world in rainbows, sunshine and lollipops voter apathy will only go up. Fewer and fewer people believe the tired rhetoric coming out of these people's mouths on a daily basis and I believe this trend will only continue as the world situation gets worse and increasingly contradicts the unrealistic promises in their platforms until one day there will only be one action left to take: facing reality.