Monday, 29 August 2011

Forbes openly admits to internment camps in the U.S.A.

Update* Forbes is sourcing bogus stuff. I have contacted the author to either verify or correct.

Update2* I've contacted the author, and he was not aware the source was bogus. Bloomberg has not made this announcement, at least not yet. I still recommend giving these videos a watch though.

In the wake of hurricane Irene Forbes is reporting that Mayor Michael Bloomberg has warned looters they will be put in internment camps if caught. This is a shocking development, and leads me to believe that the United State's (and Canada's?) network of internment camps is now running and operational. This could signal that they expect economic crisis in the very near term.

The notable paragraph:
In New York City, Mayor Bloomberg chose not to evacuate the criminals in Rikers Island, according to Mother Jones. The mayor has also warned that any looters caught during or in the wake of the storm will be placed in internment camps. This raises questions about the role of law enforcement and order during a natural disaster.

More information:

Into the fire (I believe this is preparation or training for the same thing in Canada):

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