Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Where's the vision? Where's the dream?

Where's the vision? Where's the dream? No seriously, where is it? In an unusual twist today I've decided to write 2 (yes 2!) blog posts. This post just occured to me now as I read the op-ed's rolling in about Harper's latest attack ad. They all seem to have a few points in common: that negative ads simply turn off people from wanting to be involved in politics and that we need to do something to stop them. Few however seem to mention what else these politicians would talk about.

As a member of the "politically disengaged yet aware" demographic I would like to tell you columnists that for me, negative attack ads are not the reason I am not inspired by our political system. Hell I don't even have TV. I didn't know he put out attack ads until some papers started writing stories about it. Do you know why? Because being I am a part of the "politically disengaged yet aware" demographic I seriously don't give a flying fuck what Harper is wasting my hard earned money on. He's wasting it, I don't need a TV to know that and neither does anyone else in my demographic. Unlike the baby boomer generation who at least saw in their lifetimes some sort of political honesty, my generation has mostly seen 10 years of bullshit war & the lies to cover it. Then my generation got to see the world's banks commit what may be the largest bank robbery in human history and not only get away with it but in fact gain more power with the full clearance & support of our corrupt political class. We've matured in a decade overflowing with lies & deceit and people seriously wonder why we might be disengaged?

We never had the blind faith in the system to begin with. This is why many more from my generation can see how easy it is to prove 9/11 was an inside job while many baby boomer's are so struck with disbelief that they simply ignore the evidence. "Bush was bad, but not that bad". "There's no way they would kill their own people" and etc etc. Yet in clear contrast NATO countries have been on a 10 year killing spree all because of 3000 people killed 10 years ago. For 10 years we've watched bullshit politicians make bullshit foreign policy based on bullshit lies and funded by our bullshit money and people seriously wonder why we might be disengaged?

Or how about the light at the end of the tunnel? "There will be jobs", or "we'll balance the books". WOW, big fucking dreams you have there Mr. Politician, I mean it's almost just as good as going to the moon. It is really inspiring for my demographic for instance to hear all about how the baby boomer's have to get their pensions. My demographic? Well we might get one. We might be a little older, or you know.. dead. Then of course there is the massive debt the baby boomer's have decided to leave for us to pay off with the money that should be going towards the pensions we'll have to supply ourselves and people seriously wonder why we might be disengaged?

Maybe attack ads are symbolic of a larger problem in the political system? That it's so full of corruption, dirty tricks, and bullshit that attacking each other over it is really all thats left to say.

When politicians start talking about how to address our criminal monetary system, admit peak oil, take seriously the crimes of Bush and Cheney (as in arrest and prosecute them if they come to Canada), and I think most importantly: stop acting as though all of our resources are your resources and that they have to all be sold now they just might find out that Generation Fucked wants to be engaged. Maybe stop hiking tuition fees, maybe just act as though you give a fuck about what happens in the future beyond your retirement and the economic now.

My demographic has a dream and a vision of what this world could be, and I think many of us have a good idea what needs to be done to set things straight. However most of us know that unless we can partake in a "fundraising dinner" we'll never be heard and even if we were; we'd be lobbying the very people looking to sell our future labour now at rock bottom prices. Do you think if you ask the thief nicely he'll give you back that TV?

There is a multitude of reasons why my demographic is disengaged. Attack ads are a drop in the bucket.

End Rant.

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