Saturday, 19 November 2011

November mid-month round-up: Occupy dies, the New World Order is born, the revolution begins

The Occupy movement is dead. Seriously. In it's place however is the new American revolution. They look similar, and the new American revolution is still calling itself Occupy, but they are very different.

I'll point out this difference for you in a very simple contrast of thought:
1) Occupy: When it first started people asked how long it could possibly go on for.
2) The revolution: People are asking how it can possibly end.

This difference may seem insignificant, but I assure you it is THE difference that makes this now a non-violent revolution. Whether you agree or don't agree with what Occupy has become, one thing everyone can agree on is that it's come so far now that it won't stop and it can't stop. It might change shape, venues, tactics.. but the fight is definitely on. The increase in police oppression shows that the system is aware of this. The status quo is in danger, and they know it.

The system is also coming out with the truth more and more. Take this article from Bloomberg/Businessweek:

“Asset sales are impractical in the current environment,” said Simon Maughan, head of sales and distribution at MF Global UK Ltd. in London. “Every bank is selling, and no bank is buying. It just won’t work. Beyond that, the magnitude of the cuts the banks are talking about is nowhere near the likely required amount of deleveraging. They need to reduce hundreds of billions more to adjust to the new world order. There has to be a recapitalization.”
Thats right, to "adjust to the new world order". That's what the Greece/Italy technocrats are a part of. You see, the system is currently working on transforming the population into accepting non-democratic economic policies. This is the new world order, it's a lot like the Kings and Serfs from the old world order.

As the European banking system continues to collapse and it becomes obvious this WILL be affecting North American commerce you can expect that the New World Order will be making it's North American appearance soon (probably after the U.S. supercommitee fails), and that the war on youth I've been blogging about will go into full swing.

This is an exciting time, scary but exciting. The most important thing you can do to prepare yourself, is to prepare yourself mentally for the what were once unbeliveable situations we are about to witness first hand. This is history in the making.

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